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We offer the following accessibility features on our site:

Jump to Links

Jump to links help screen reader and keyboard users access content quickly. At the top of every page are hidden link that are spoken by screen-reading software and will appear when 'tabbed to' using a keyboard. The skips links are the first links on the page and, when selected via the Enter key, will jump to the selected location.

The Jump to links are also Access Keys and can be accessed in the following ways: In Windows, hold down Alt (in Firefox hold down Shift + Alt), on an Apple Macintosh, hold down Ctrl, then type the character within the bracket and hit enter.

  • Jump to Content [1]
  • Jump to Site Navigation [2]
  • Jump to Sub Menu [3]
  • Jump to Search [s]
  • Jump to Terms and Conditions [4]
  • Jump to Accessibility Help [5]

Resizable text

The text can be resized in browser using the following methods:


You can press ' Ctrl ' and ' + ' to increase the text size, ' Ctrl ' and ' - ' to decrease the text size. ' Ctrl ' and ' 0 ' returns you to the default 'normal' size.

IE7 and later

Press ' Ctrl ' and ' + ' to increase the zoom and ' Ctrl ' and ' - ' to decrease the zoom.
Alternatviely, open the ' Page ' menu with the mouse or by pressing ' Alt'+'P ' .
Select the ' Text Size ' option with the mouse or by pressing ' X '.
Choose your preferred text size by clicking on it or by using the up and down arrow keys to select it and then press ' Enter


Open the ' View ' menu with the mouse or by pressing ' Alt'+'V ' .
Select the ' Text Size ' option with the mouse or by pressing ' X ' .
Choose your preferred text size with the mouse or by using the up and down arrow keys and pressing ' Enter ' or by clicking on it.


Press ' + ' (in some versions you might need to press the ' Shift ' key as well) to increase size and the ' - ' to decrease text size. Each press will increase or decrease the size by 10%. Alternatively press 'Alt ' + ' V ' to bring up the view menu and then press ' Z ' to bring up the zoom options then use the up and down arrow keys to select the option you want followed by 'Enter' .

Alternative stylesheets (or viewing themes)

Includes a high contrast version with large text and a text only version. Accessed via links in the left hand corner of all pages.

Accessibility and usability of our sites

Our websites strives to uphold the principles and best practice of the WCAG 2.0 AAA guidelines. While we aim to comply with the WCAG guidelines, we recognise that web technology has moved on since their creation, and a number of them are less applicable than at their time of publication. Our central objective is users finding our site accessible and usable in practice.

Our sites code

Our sites have been built to comply with standards XHTML and CSS2. They are designed to function with Javascript enabled. Tickets can not be purchased without Javascript being enabled but all of our events can be viewed in this state.

External Links

  • BBC Accessibility - My Web My Way?
    Comprehensive cross-platform accessiblity advice and howto guides. Developed by AbilityNet and the BBC as a source of accessibility help for all computer users
  • W3C
    Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
  • AbilityNet
    AbilityNet is a national charity and the UK’s leading provider of expertise on computing and disability.
  • Accessibar
    The free Accessibar plug in for the Firefox browser enables Text to Speech functionality, text and background colour changing text resizing and other features.

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