Are you aged 16-25?

Interested in free and discounted theatre tickets and more bits and bobs? Then...

OPT in! is our scheme for 16 to 25 year olds to access free, £5 and £10 tickets, along with free backstage tours, special events and discounts around the lovely city of Oxford.

On this page you can find out which shows this month we have on offer, activities at the Playhouse and you can leave your comments about the shows you've seen, the scheme or anything theatre/cultural related.

To OPT in! all you need to do is buy a membership card for just £1 from the Oxford Playhouse Ticket Office. ***Please bring a passport sized photo and a valid ID which states your birthdate, between 10am - 6pm, Mon - Sat***

Once you've joined, we'll send you an email at the start of every month to let you know about all the free and discounted tickets for the month ahead. You can book yourself plus one non OPT in! member in to a show (but they do need to be under 26 too), just remember to bring your OPT in! card along when you collect your ticket.

There's a limited number available for each show, so book yourself in early to make sure you get your tickets.




Sancho: An Act of Remembrance

Sancho: An Act of Remembrance

Set at the height of the British slave trade, Sancho is a new play written by, and starring, Paterson Joseph.

Born on a slave ship in 1729 but eventually becoming the first black man to vote in a parliamentary election, the life of Charles Ignatius Sancho was full of surprising twists. This is the remarkable true story of an African man who dared to act, write, sing and voice his political opinion with wit and charm as he fought to take his place in British society.

Swinging at the Cotton Club

Swinging at the Cotton Club

Swinging at the Cotton Club celebrates the music and dance of 1920s New York and Harlem’s hottest night spot, the Cotton Club.

Take a step back in time as The Jiving Lindy Hoppers and Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra recreate the sights and sounds of this swinging dance floor, with breathtaking dance displays to classic musical numbers.



Direct from Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 4x4 is a breathtaking collaboration between the two seemingly different worlds of ballet and juggling. Both artforms make fleeting journeys through time and space, tracing invisible lines, like an imaginary architect.





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Heather 28/09/2014

Cool scheme guys!

Teresa 09/11/2013

As a parent on a tight budget, I used to bring my children before opt in changed to 16 plus. Can't afford to now but good scheme for students

Consuela 08/07/2011

Free ticket to Love Love Love and had discounted Nandos too! *Yum* LOVE IT!

Phoebe-Jane 08/07/2011

I LOVE THIS SCHEME! Thank you so much Oxford Playhouse. I saw Love Love Love, it was amazing - didn't know theatre could be like that! And wouldnt have been able to see the show without getting a free ticket. I will tell all my friends about the scheme too. Thanks!

Claire 08/07/2011

I'm looking forward to using my new card in the new term :)

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