Aladdin - thank you for your lovely comments!

Posted by James Webster
Digital Marketing Officer, on Monday 30 November 2015

It’s been a very busy and very exciting few days at Oxford Playhouse. Our latest pantomime, Aladdin, opened on Friday to rapturous applause and since then we’ve steamed through 5 fabulous performances.

The audiences especially have been so brilliantly loud and lively, which has made the cast feel very loved and happy. The audience are pretty much one of the performers for panto, and it’s really great to see you’ve all been learning your lines!

And (as we thrive on your validation) it’s been really pleasing to see all the positive feedback left online or in our comments book.

From this thoughtful review from a long-term panto fan that calls it “Very enjoyable. Mr Marmion has proved a worthy successor to Peter Duncan” (not to mention claiming that our cast’s version of Hello is even better than Adele’s!) to the incredibly high praise that is “the best panto I have ever seen” – your comments have already made our week.

Here’s a few more of our favourites.

Had a ball at @OxfordPlayhouse#Aladdin panto! Thanks for starting off Christmas with a bang.

So @OxfordPlayhouse & @stevemarmion's #OxfordAladdin is genuinely hilarious. Get your tickets quick before they all go!

I LOVED it – can’t wait to see it again!

A veritable spectacle with #Aladdin@OxfordPlayhouse last night. The magic carpet! Wow! I want a go!

Loved @OxfordPlayhouse#AladdinOxford Go see and make your Christmas.

Amazing performance. Very funny. Best one yet!

Brill! Loved the dog.

So if you haven’t yet seen Aladdin then we hope to see you there very soon (tickets here). And don’t forget to tell us what you think!

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Liz on Rebecca 23/11/2015

The stage feels truly like a different space with Kneehigh productions.

C. Mitchell on Rebecca 23/11/2015

Terrific – all that’s best about live theatre.

Comment Book on Rebecca 23/11/2015

Brilliant performance and fabulous introduction of humour and creativity and a dark tale. Thank you!

Comment Book on Rebecca 17/11/2015

Fantastic! Well done.

Comment Book on Rebecca 17/11/2015

Brilliant production - truly impressive!

Comment Book on Pentecost 06/11/2015

Excellent direction of a complex play, leads were incredible and whole cast carried off a very convincing performance. Well done! P.S set was unreal.

Comment Book on Pentacost 06/11/2015

Fabulous play. Beautifully directed. Very provoking!

Comment Book on Singing in the Rain 29/10/2015

Fantastic set! And wonderful lighting. Niall Docherty is just great.

Comment Book on The Tempest 22/10/2015

Excellent production and beautiful stage. Many thanks! Wonderful acting too.

Comment Book on The Tempest 19/10/2015

Magical! I want to come back and see it again.

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